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Short holidays

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Short holidays in the home town of Riesling

For excursions on foot (hiking), on a bicycle, by rail, on a steamer, in an aircraft (from Oppenheim), or in a hot-air balloon (from Selzen or Harxheim), Nierstein and its surrounding area offer the best facilities. Hiking and biking routes are clearly signposted.

Please look at the dates for which you are planning your holiday and then look under the heading of "Weinfeste". Or change the date of your short holiday to cover the events on offer. In addition to this, there are all the following activities available in the home town of Riesling:

  • Tastings of wine and sekt with all the following alternatives: in a wine cellar surrounded by wooden barrels, in the vineyard or on the estate, combined with a light meal and a tour of the vineyard, with musical accompaniment, as a culinary tasting session, as a menue musicale, on the Brudersberg, combined with a hike through the vineyards, or even on board a steamer.
  • Visit the world-famous palaeontological (fossil) museum and the German Wine-Making Museum (in Oppenheim).

    See one of Germany’s most beautiful gothic churches, St Katharine’s in Oppenheim, and St Stephen’s in Mainz with its Chagall windows, and visit the Gutenberg museum.
    Swim in an indoor pool (in Oppenheim), tour the countryside on a bike (available for hire), play golf (18 holes), and hike.

  • More information than can be presented on the Internet is available from Nierstein Tourist Association, tel. +49 (0) 6133 960 506.

Souvenirs and gifts
You can also look at and buy Nierstein souvenirs with the new logo at the Tourist Office in the town hall (Bildstock-Street No.10).
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 7:30 am to 12:00 noon and 1:30 to 5:30 pm (but not on Friday afternoon), closed all day Wednesday.

More about see the official website of the "Stadt Nierstein" under riesling city.


Why it is worthwhile coming to "RHEINHESSEN" and enjoying the Nierstein Wines

Rheinhessen with it's nearly thousand hills between Mainz, Alzey and Worms has a more than thousand-year-old tradition of wine-growing. Rheinhessen - the biggest German wine-growing area has got treasures dating back to Roman times. Nierstein's wine "GLÖCK" is reputed as the oldest documented vineyard in Germany, owing to a document from the year 742.

Today Rheinhessen is at the brink of top performances. A lot of the German top wineries are to be found here in Rheinhessen. The region is full of vitality and the young wine-growers' generation offers not only good as well as cheap everyday wines, but also ecologically treated wines and top wines, that are remarkably seen and tasted world wide. Take also a look at: rheinhessen.info

Rheinhessen is among the "hidden champions" of the German wine-growing areas: touristically seen not as popular an area as the Rheingau but a holiday region that is in some places known as the German Tuscanny. Here the sun is shining more than 1.500 hours per year and with a downfall of rain of less than 500 mm/year, this makes our region one of the dry areas in Germany.

Just to mention "dry": Of course, in Rheinhessen there are dry, medium dry and sweet wines, also wines from wooden casks with a fine bouquet of "barrique", top red wines like those from Ingelheim an top white wines like the excellent "Rieslings" from the Rote Hang in Nierstein.

To win wine friends for a long time to come is the aim of the Rheinhessen wine-growers and the hotel and restaurant business. Wine friends join the "Brotherhood of Wine - Rheinhessen" or they just meet at a table reserved for regular customers at the local. Some others go to wine tastings in the cellars or visit wine festivals or just ramble through the Rheinhessen Wine Paradise. Especially in Nierstein wine friends will find Riesling wines with a worldwide reputation. "Be surprised"!

The area for RIESLING ground in Rheinhessen is about 2.600 ha

Golfers love Riesling-Wines from Nierstein

The Domtal golf course is situated right next to Nierstein, only 2.5 miles away on the road to Mainz. The golf course is distinguished in a
close-to-nature layout in a beautiful landscape with aview over the vineyards to the Wartturm in Nierstein.

The golf course offers an international standard of 18 holes and a par 72. With a length of 3.825 miles for gents and 3.368 miles for ladies,
with wide fairways and spacious greens and tees the golf course is a fair challenge both for profs and amateurs.

Because of the mild climate around Nierstein you can enjoy your play all year round. The generous clubhouse with a lovely restaurant has got
the best wines from Nierstein on its wine-list and offers a phantastic view onto the golf course and the adjacent vineyards.

Golfclub Domtal Mommenheim e.V.
Am Golfplatz 1, D-55278 Mommenheim, Telefon +49 (0) 6138 92020.

Wine and rambling

The walkers' countryside of Rheinhessen has become more and more attractive during the last years. First of all because of the better sign-posted rambling tours and secondly because of the new wine taverns and Straußwirtschaften (run by the vintner's families) beautiful walking tours from Nierstein are e.g. the walk past the Brudersberg (the Loreley of Nierstein) to Nackenheim or the Riesling-Weg to Oppenheim past the old quarry, leading directly to the most famous St. Katharinenkirche and, also in Oppenheim, the Museum of German Wine-Growing. Or just the trip to the Oppenheim forest or the so-called Three Towers Ramble along the borders of the communal land of Nierstein. There are a lot of taverns and Straußwirtschaften in Nierstein and the surrounding communities, that are all prepared to cater for ramblers and cyclists from spring till autumn. On the east bank of the Rhine river there are beautiful walks along the Rhine up to the fertile plains between Mainz and Frankfurt. You can ferry across the Rhine river to Kornsand using the Nierstein ferry.

Those who want to ramble regulary can easily participate in the Wednesday-Ramble in Nierstein every week. A particular event is the so-called Three-Towers-Ramble on May, 1 every year. There is also the wine festival at the Rote Hang on the second weekend of June. During this weekend the very best wines of Nierstein can be tasted were they are grown, i.e. on the slopes of the Rote Hang. Also have a kind look at:

Cyclists' delight

For friends of biking it is a great opportunity to explore the vineyard countryside of Nierstein. Take a short break to recover and get acquainted with some of the best wines, sometimes mixed with mineral water to your liking. At Nierstein and the surrounding villages you can find many wineries that are open to the visitors. You can eat and drink local treats there, offered by friendly vintner families. From spring till autumn they are prepared for the visits of cyclists and hikers. As an easy bike tour - especially with children - Nierstein presents the 22 km (13,67 mls) round course: You meet at the Nierstein Crazy Golf area near the west end, there you head in the direction of Dexheim on the old railroad track (nick-named Valentinsche), then you go on to Friesenheim, Köngernheim with its famous Untermühle, Selzen and Mommenheim. From there you cycle past the golf course and go back into Nierstein via Schwabsburg.

Also on offer is the bike tour to Guntersblum including our neighbouring town of Oppenheim with its famous cathedral. In summer you can take the ferry to the natural reserve and recreation area called Kühkopf, then via Erfelden in north-westerly direction back to Nierstein where you cross the Rhine by ferry from Kornsand. You can take the ferry to get over to Kornsand on the east side of the Rhine river. Along the river bank you can find beautiful cycle tracks to the Rheinauen or even further on to Mainz, where you can cross over on the railroad bridge and cycle back on the west bank through Nackenheim and back to Nierstein.